Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our clients have questions about PureHaven’s custom home building process, pricing, and services. Below are answers to the most common questions we receive.

I want to build a custom home, but don’t know where to begin. What should I do first?

Having worked with so many custom homeowners, we’ve developed a system that walks you through each step of the process. We start by discussing financial options and developing a budget. We want to set appropriate expectations and how your ideas can be incorporated into the floor plans you have. The first step might seem like the hardest, but the best step is just to set up a meeting with our experienced team. We’ll help you with everything else.

I have a lot, but don’t have a floor plan yet, can you help us design a home?

If you don’t have floor plans, then we recommend working with one of our preferred architects to develop a design that meets your budget and needs. The design process is likely the hardest part of the new home experience and it’s essential to work with an architect who can balance your budget while still designing the home of your dreams.

Do you help your clients find a lot if they don’t have one?

Our sales director is a licensed realtor who knows statewide inventory, has access to the various multiple listing services and he can assist with the due diligence/purchase contract process. His services are free for perspective clients.

How long does it usually take to build a custom home?

Once the plans are designed, they need to be engineered in order to ensure that they meet municipal and environmental codes. After the plans are finalized, they can be submitted to that municipality for a ‘building permit.’ That process takes about 3-5 weeks depending on the city or county that you are building in. Once the permit is received, most homes require a month per 1000 square feet to complete. Additionally, we recommend another month for final inspection, cleaning and title/escrow services.

How much does it cost to build a home?

Every home is different, just like every dream is. Part of the reason we spend so much time helping with your initial budget is because we want clients to understand the cost of the home well in advance of starting construction. There is no ‘dollar per square foot’ calculation that represents every home, but if we work together, there will be a budget in place that you can count on.

What is the difference between a “fixed price” contract and a “cost plus contract”? Which contract is best for me?

Not every solution is universal, and so we offer two forms of contract to help meet your project’s needs. Many clients prefer a “cost plus contract” simply because it allows them flexibility to make design decisions during construction. The cost of the home is based on hard bid estimates for as many features as you can determine prior to contract to which we add an agreed margin. A “fixed price contract” acts a bit differently. Again, we hard bid as many of the features as you can decide upon prior to contract, but we lose some of that design flexibility because we also have to guarantee the cost of the home.  Regardless of which contract you decide on, we promise to work diligently on the pre-construction design to help ensure your home will have everything you want at a budget we can all agree on.

Will you work with our architect throughout the design process? Will you charge us for this?

The architectural process is essential to developing an appropriate budget and we are happy to meet with your architect throughout their work. This allows us to work with the architect to ensure budget and construction viability. We do not charge for this assistance.

Will someone be at our home every day it is under construction?

Every project is different and its needs will change through the construction process. There may be times when the project manager is briefly on site and other times when you’re convinced we live there. Our project managers will inspect each home daily, communicate with the sub contractors and suppliers about their scheduled work and then relay updates to you as is appropriate. We do require a weekly meeting with each homeowner to discuss progress, concerns, budget and upcoming events that require your input. If that meeting can’t be in person, we are happy to use Skype/Facetime or other conference technologies to assist with out-of-state clients or when you’re on vacation.

Will you work with our lender? Do you have banks you like to work with?

Like architects, we have a number of lenders we prefer to work with. These are financial professionals we’ve utilized in the past and prefer to work with currently due to their ability to assist with timely financial options that satisfy most clients. We are happy to lend our input on a perspective lender and if you have a preferred mortgage company, we will be happy to work with whomever you ask us to.

How long is your homeowner warranty?

What good would it do for either of us, if after working together through out the process to create a wonderful home, didn’t help protect it by guaranteeing its quality? To that end, we offer an 18-month warranty on all craftsmanship.  If something isn’t done right the first time, we will ensure that it’s fixed when brought to our attention. We employ the best sub contractors and suppliers in the state to make sure your home is of the highest quality possible. There are occasions when manufacturers also warranty a product for longer than our involvement, but even then, we are happy to assist with any problems that may arise. We’re committed to you.

What sets PureHaven Homes apart from other home builders?

Integrity is a commodity you can’t purchase; it’s simply earned or lost. We will keep our word and perform as promised.  We thrive on communication and collaboration, and want to incorporate your ideas into the home. Finally, we want to educate you about construction while forming a team that achieves the goals we set in our pre-construction meeting. Our first priority is you.  At PureHaven Homes, our concern is providing you the home and lifestyle you deserve.