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Autumn Activities in Park City

In our past blog post ‘Summer Activities in Park City’, we covered the shining Park City local saying of “I came for the winter but stayed for the summer,” outlining some of the most amazing things to do during the hotter months in the popular ski town. With so many options and choices, it’s impossible to cover them all in just one post. As we move towards the fall season and the weather cools down, the diversity of adventure in the Wasatch becomes even more apparent. One of the amazing things about Utah is its four seasons; the changing leaves and cooler temperatures as a backdrop for outdoor activities and fun is an absolute luxury. If you’re searching for a place to call home with endless entertainment and adventures to be had, autumn activities in Park City should be at the top of your list.

Endless Outdoor Activities

Park City is famous for its outdoor life; whether it be skiing, boating, or even just strolling through the woods, adventurers from all walks of life flock to this outdoor wonderland.

Park City is surrounded by rivers and streams, so for the fishing enthusiast, fly fishing is a year-round treat with plenty of trout and plenty of fun. Go anytime by yourself or plan with a knowledgeable guide; the fall is especially gorgeous with the surrounding foliage.

Autumn Scenery

Speaking of scenery, scenic drives in and around Park City are a sight to behold. When the autumn rolls around and the leaves begin to change color, the mountains are filled with impossibly bright oranges and yellows that will take your breath away. Feel free to stop, take a walk, and enjoy the fresh air. Horseback rides through nature are especially popular during the fall, and even if you want a birds-eye view. Hot air balloon rides are available from some of the area’s best balloon pilots!

Farmer’s Market

If you’re a fan of fresh food and local crafts, the Park City Farmer’s Market runs every Wednesday from 12:00-6:00 PM through October 19. You will find it at the Silver King Resort parking lot. There’s nothing quite like the bustling outdoor market during the autumn. As we now move into October and fall activities are at their peak, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead and make the most of the season. For those wanting to make the Park City/Heber Valley area a more permanent residence, let Purehaven Homes help you build the getaway of your dreams.

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