Creating Your Floor Plan: Part 2

Rear Rendering In our previous blog post Creating Your Floor Plan, we listed a couple of important things to consider when going through the stressful process of designing your custom home. Since the floor plan is the master blueprint for all of the decisions you make in your new home, foresight and good decision-making skills are important assets to have, even if you’re leaving a lot of the designing up to your builder. Here is Purehaven’s continued list of what to consider when creating your floor plan!
  1. Safety

    When designing your home, consider smaller members of your family or ones that may come to visit; how would someone younger interact with your space? If this is something that will happen often, think about setting up an area that will allow adults to keep an eye out, and stay away from stairs or balconies without safety rails.
  2. Outdoor Life

    Many people come to Utah for the rich, year-round outdoor culture it provides. But no matter where you are, if you enjoy outdoor activities and sports, it’s worthwhile to think about how your plan will allow you to access the outdoors. Work with your landscaper and consider how big you’d like your yard to be in relation to the house, especially if you’re interested in outdoor kitchen areas or stretches of grass where you can kick a ball around with the kids. Depending on how hardcore you are with your sports, a separate mudroom entrance with accessible lockers may also be in your interests; it can allow you to store your gear, give you a place to let soaked snowboarding clothes dry off, and prevent anyone from tracking muddy footprints into the main entryway.
  3. Light

    Light is especially important to consider when designing your home; this includes both natural light and chosen light fixtures. Especially with Utah’s fickle weather and abundance of cloudy days, natural light can be crucial in keeping spirits up around the house. Skylights, windows, and specifically placing rooms to catch different light at certain times of day can all be ways to effectively utilize natural light around your home. As for light fixtures, think about what you will be doing in each room and what light is needed for such tasks. For example, bright task lighting in a kitchen would be best for food preparation and visibility, whereas dimmer lights in a living room will create a sense of peace.
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