PureHaven Homes Employee Instructions

How to Add a New Subcontractor

Go to purehavenhomes.com/wp-admin to log in to the backend of the website. Enter your username and password. If you’ve lost your password please click on “Lost your Password?” and follow the instructions.

In the left menu, hover over “Sub-contractors” and click on “Add Sub-contractor”

Fill in all the information for the subcontractor:

Enter Title Here = Subcontractor company name

Description = Leave text comments in the large white box as needed about plans

Phone = Phone Number of the Subcontractor

Sub-contractor Plan = Location to upload files for subcontractor.

Grant access by email = If you know the email of the subcontractor before they register, you can add it here and then when they register, they will have access to the documents.

Existing Users = Existing subcontractors can be added to this document just by typing in their Username (Company Name).

You’re finished! Wasn’t that simple! Now if you do run into issues, please call 877-599-7702 or email help@sitesmash.com.