Our Process

It is our goal throughout the building process to exceed your expectations and ease your concerns.  We strive to provide each client with a realistic budget and a thought-out schedule prior to the first shovel of dirt being turned.  It is our goal to complete each home within budget and on time.

PureHaven Utah Custom Homes can assist clients in locating a property that meets their lifestyle and will visit the property with clients to review the lot’s compatibility for the size and design of the home our clients hope to build.  Special consideration is given to how the home design incorporates the lot and views surrounding the lot.  Luxury living doesn’t only happen within the walls of your home, it is also the quality time spent outside.

At PureHaven Homes, we like to get involved in each project as early as possible.  We find that expectations are most often exceeded when we work closely with our clients, their architects, and interior designers early during the design process.  That way, the client’s wants are understood clearly and we can make suggestions that can lower cost and improve the quality of the home.  Each of our clients has worked hard—and often times sacrificed—to realize the dream of building a home.  It is our responsibility to ensure their dreams and expectations are met.

We are committed to you.  At PureHaven Homes, we promise:

  1. To treat all clients with the utmost respect and dignity.
  2. To be ethical and reliable.
  3. To treat your home as if it were our home. This includes not smoking, eating, or drinking in your home at any time during construction. We promise to clean up after ourselves at the end of every day.
  4. To provide all necessary help during the design phase of a project at no cost to the client to ensure a client’s home is constructed with the highest quality while maintaining the greatest value.
  5. To provide a realistic budget based on the design and finish requested by the client.  If the finish is not complete, Pentalon will provide at no cost to the client 20 hours of design help with an interior designer.
  6. To provide a detailed breakdown of its overhead costs to the client for their project.
  7. To provide a construction schedule to all clients prior to the start of construction.
  8. To properly communicate with the client through e-mail, phone, and on-site project meetings.  PureHaven agrees to answer all phone calls within the same business day.  PureHaven also agrees to meet with the client once a week on site to review construction progress; answer questions and resolve any outstanding concerns the client may have.  All clients will receive a detailed progress report from the on-site construction manager a minimum of twice weekly.
  9. To protect our clients by providing them a monthly lien release as well as requiring lien releases from all subcontractors and suppliers.
  10. To provide the client with an 18 month construction warranty towards all defects in materials or labor.